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  • Happy new year all of you! When some are openly discussing about their resolutions for new year, some are keeping it to themselves, but almost everyone is making new resolutions with new hopes & determination! Well, almost all of the resolutions that we set, need strong will power, perseverance to
  • emergency fund- financial planning services
    ‘Emergency fund or contingency fund’ is crucial part of personal finance. You must be coming across various articles, videos, blogs talking about it & emphasizing its importance. Its true that you should have one for you. Why? We live in a world which is affected by micro & macro-economic situations.
  • financial planning - diwali bonus
    Diwali is right here & so the Bonus! Every year, many organizations pamper their employees with ‘Diwali Bonus’! Where it was a miss for last 2-3 years due to pandemic, this year, many companies have resumed to give their annual bonus on Diwali. Well, many of you must have received
  • financial planning - NATIONAL HIGHWAYS INFRA TRUST NCD
    National Highways Authority of India sponsored National Highways Infra Trust is coming up with NCD issue offering effective yield of 8.05%. The issue will be open from October 17 2022 to November 07, 2022. When there is a buzz around this & investors want to know more about it, let’s
  • financial planning - Five tips to save money
    Its time to pay attention to our savings NOW! WHY? This month, i.e. September 2022, two different news & indicators have emphasized the need! First, In the first week of this month, September 2022, we got the update about, India’s aspiration Index. In the survey conducted by BankBazaar, the Aspiration
  • financial planning - PEACEFUL INVESTOR
    When we start investing, we are full with curiosity and excitement! Many starts investing on their own, as they are called as ‘DIY Investors’ whereas some take the assistance from ‘a financial planner’. There is no any ‘Best way’ to investing & managing personal finance! But with all ups &