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How can you plan the Wedding this season?

Wedding season is here!

In our country, it Is indeed a big day celebrated in each family. As per different traditions, rituals, areas, cultures, we see multifaceted celebrations everywhere.

Cost of the wedding differs from family to family. Many factors play their role to decide average cost of the wedding.

Factors like rituals, traditions, themes of celebration like pre-wedding shoots, elaborated pre- wedding functions, peer comparisons, keep on changing as per trends in the market.

Keeping all this into consideration, ‘wedding costs’ elevate year on year.

For every person, ‘celebrating a wedding in the best way possible’ is a dream! Be it own wedding or a wedding of a loved one.

As per the Survey by ‘The Cait Research & Trade Development Society’, a flow of about Rs 4.25 Trillion in wedding related purchases & services is expected this wedding season!

Let’s look for some simple solutions, which can help you to plan a wedding effectively.

  1. Have a healthy discussion between two families:

Core of every marriage is getting two people & their respective families together for life.

These two families may come from diverse backgrounds which may further impact the way they wish to celebrate the wedding.

For every celebration, spending money is evident. Its highly important for both families to sit & discuss on the plan about celebration.

Once the families, deicide on the functions, venue, menu, guests, gifts, jewellery, etc, they can figure out the estimated cost of the wedding ahead.

Both families should respect each other’s backgrounds, thoughts & wishes related to wedding to find the best possible way.


  1. Wedding budget:

Once both families decide on important things, they can arrive at a wedding budget. Budgeting will help to short list vendors & service providers.

Budget will also give psychological relief to both families as they know about estimated cost as per the budget in advance.

It will also keep a discipline among people while spending.


  1. Share Wedding expenses:

When you start short listing the options, you should also start sharing the load of expenses. It will help to divide the expenses equally among both families. It will prevent any one family bearing the entire load.

This makes both families ‘felling equal’. ‘Sense of belongingness’, ‘bonding’ increase among families.


  1. Go local:

While selecting vendors, ‘Go Local’!

Even if you go for a ‘destination wedding’, you should search local options of different vendors, service providers. It will help you save on costs. With little research & time dedication, you can get good list of options.

  1. Keep it small:

Elaborate wedding with huge no of guests is the thing! People prefer it & spend crazy for the same.

Instead, you can choose to keep it simple & small.

Your emotions, bonding and trust matters a lot when you get married rather than flashing your class, standard & wealth.

Intimate weddings will help you save on cost in many ways.

  1. Utilize saved cost on useful things for future:

With the thoughtful planning, you will save on some cost. Use this amount for some useful things about future. E.g. you may keep aside this amount as a part of ‘down payment’ if you need to buy a house in future.

Saved money always helps in present or future.

  1. Ask for useful gifts for you:

People gift many things to bride & groom to Shower their love. In the wedding, you can ask for ‘useful gifts’ for you.

We see many items being repeated in the form of gifts received. They are not used neither can’t be kept idle.

Within your close circle of people, you can surely ask for the things you can surely use in future.

Your people can happily gift them to you. It can be any home appliance or item useful in the house.


  1. Take a lead in planning which can help you to bond on your own financial planning.

Bride & groom should take a lead in wedding planning of their own with due respect to elders in the family.

With this, they both can bond over. It can create a base for their future ‘financial planning exercise’ too.

They can understand each other’s priorities when it comes to celebration, looking for meaningful purchases, saving on costs etc.

Wedding is beginning of a new chapter of life! With thoughtful planning, you can enjoy your big day to the fullest!

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