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  • Let’s discuss on Career Break for women & importance of Financial Planning. Be it kids or family responsibilities, change in job location of the spouse or some other personal reasons, its often found that many women need to take a career break for at least few years of their life!
  • Wedding season is here! In our country, it Is indeed a big day celebrated in each family. As per different traditions, rituals, areas, cultures, we see multifaceted celebrations everywhere. Cost of the wedding differs from family to family. Many factors play their role to decide average cost of the wedding.
  • Last week, The Reserve Bank of India increased ‘Risk Weight’ for ‘Consumer credit exposure’ for retail loans for Commercial Banks & Non-Banking Financial companies. For commercial banks its increased to 150% from 100% earlier. For NBFCs its increased to 125% from 100% earlier. It also includes banks exposure to NBFCs
  • New fund offers or Existing mutual funds—Where to invest? Mutual funds are favorite investment option for many! New fund offers Or Existing mutual funds… Where to invest? Last month, we saw a number of different new fund offers coming in! Many investors invested in them! They give exposure to the equity
  • A gadget that you wished for long or a piece of jewelry for your loved one, sports kit for your kid or any white good for home décor.. Well, list can be longer when it comes to ‘festive buying’! But, are you ready for it? Today, we keep on buying
  • Our personal finance has many elements like our cash flows, investments, assets, & most important…. ‘Liabilities’! These liabilities often come in the form of different types of loans. You all will agree that, till a few years ago, people used to stay away from ‘Loan or liability’! Reasons? Mainly two-