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Money Mantra - Loksatta

Financial Planning for Young Earners
Financial Planning for middle income groups
Why Financial Planning is important
. What will you consider before buying your own house?
Things to consider before investing
How will you review your financial elements on this Diwali?

Interview on Investment Options

Views Expressed in the NPS Investment article on 'Outlook India'
Views Expressed in the REITs Investment article on 'Outlook India'
Views Expressed in the Arbitrage Fund article on 'Livemint'

Articles and Interview on Personal Finance

Full fledge interview on Personal finance, financial Planning, investing & many more aspects for 'MintGenie'
Views Expressed in an income tax filing article on 'MintGenie'
Views Expressed for articles on
Views Expressed for articles on

AIR Interviews

AIR Ratnagiri Interview -

Interview on topic 'Financial Planning for women ' on All India Radio, Ratnagiri

AIR Mumbai Interview -

Interview on 'Financial Planning for women in Rural Areas' on All India Radio, Mumbai Sub station

Workshop and Sessions on personal finance

Workshop on personal finance in 2020.

A session on basics of personal financial planning at one business forum.

Jagran Dialogues Interviews

गृहणियां भी बनें आर्थिक रूप से मजबूत, एक्‍सपर्ट्स से जानें इसके शानदार टिप्‍स
2022 में कैसी हो मिडिल क्लास की फाइनेंशियल प्लानिंग, जानें एक्सपर्ट के टिप्स

Series of article on 'Financial Planning for women' - Loksatta

Article No 1 -Why Financial Awareness & Planning is important for Women
Article No.2 -
Importance of Health Insurance for Women
Article No 3-
All about investing in GOLD
Article No 4 - Should you invest via 'Digital Gold'?
Article No.5 - How to invest for your 'Girl Child'? Blog on personal finances.

List of Best Fee-only Financial Planners in India

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