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  • financial planning - rich & wealthy
    We all work hard, round the clock for one thing, “To earn Money”! Money helps us to fulfill our basic needs, our goals, lifestyle & wishes. They say, ‘Money is a terrible master but an obedient servant’! That’s true in many senses! Everyone makes more & more money as one
  • ‘Home’ is a ‘feeling’! Its also precious when we share the space with our loved ones under one roof which we ‘own’! To buy a house is a dream of many. There are many thumb rules, suggestions given, theories applied when someone wishes to buy a house.. Well, all of
  • financial planning
    ‘Financial planning’ is a buzzword since last few years! If we see our parent’s generation, they did manage their money, investments all by themselves but still did well & are living financially independent life post retirement. Today, scenario is altogether different! Many things are changed like- Bunch of new investment
  • financial planning - RETIREMENT PLANNING
    ‘Retirement’ is one of the most important stages of life when a person takes a leap into a phase where he is expected to enjoy his hard-earned money, fulfill his/her dreams of traveling, getting together with old friends & also to maintain health, well-being & financial independence! If we look
  • financial planning - low salary
    “How can I start financial planning when my salary is so low?” This is a common question; people ask when they ‘think’ that their income is lower than that of others to initiate financial planning! #low-salary-finace-planning   We all work hard in our own profession /business. Every profession, job or
  • Happy International Yoga Day!! ‘Yoga’ is the concept, science, practice & method to follow for the benefit to our body & mind. It was invented in our India & our Acharyas, Gurus have been practicing it since ancient times. It has evolved over the years. It has to be followed