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  • We all are experiencing market volatility, geo-political tensions & uncertainty, rising inflation where our daily expenses have crossed their usual expense boundaries, on top of it, RBI made a decision to increase repo rate & CRR few days back… Whole world has still not come over deadly pandemic yet. Market
  • IT sector! One of the most flagship sectors in our country where large no of young people get their dream job. India is a land of Engineers they say & this is one of the reasons many of the youngsters get their job in IT. We have IT hubs in
  • financial planning - interest rates
    In a surprise announcement, yesterday, the Reserve Bank of India hiked a ‘repo rate’ by 40 bps now. Now, it is 4.40%. Whereas ‘cash reserve ratio’, i.e. CRR has been increased by 50 bps making it 4.50% now. Other key policy rates such as ‘reverse repo rate’ has been kept
  • financial planning - low salary
    Since the beginning of my practice as a ‘fee only financial planner’, I meet & get to interact with lot of people about their journey in finance. I like to help them in setting their goals & prioritize. One goal many of them often quote is, ‘early retirement’! I have
  • Happy women’s day! Today everyone is celebrating women in their lives! Yes they are integral part of family, relations, bonding but when it comes to ‘money decisions’ or ‘financial planning’, they are often sidelined. Financial planning lessons for women entrepreneurs: A woman, whether working or not, if working then salaried
  • I accidently met a friend after long .. we sat for a cup of tea & discussed many things under the Sun. She told me about a flat they purchased recently. While she & husband opted for a home loan, they also purchased one ‘market linked insurance policy’. They were