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  • financial planning - retirement planning
    One of my father’s friends from our neighborhood just got retired from his services. We all arranged a small get together & gave our best wishes for this new phase of his life! When all were praising about how he has led his life with dignity, has fulfilled all his
  • financial planning - getting married
    Wedding season is back! Though we are still in the shadow of this deadly virus, people are rejoiced to kick start celebrations. Wedding is one of the important ceremonies for every family! We Indians, are ever enthusiastic to organize & celebrate it with new themes & ways. Well, this demands
  • A few years back, a person from our neighborhood following a simple living renovated his house with posh interiors, a new car purchase was followed, children started going to a better school.… in short, his lifestyle underwent a major transmission. A single earning member working in a private sector in
  • Yesterday, we celebrated ‘Teachers’ day’ in the memory of Grate Mr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan! Our teachers have indeed a strong place in our lives as they have helped us in shaping our personality, knowledge & attitude in one way or the other. In the words of Mr Ralph Nader, “Your best
  • Happy Independence day! As we celebrate our beloved country’s freedom & independence today, we also think about freedom from all our financial worries, being more independent in our financial decisions, making more mindful investments What are those beliefs & practices which prevent us from achieving our financial freedom? Traditional products
  • financial planning - saving to buy house - budget house
    Getting own pay cheques & becoming financially independent is everyone’s dream. Everyone makes their wish list ready once they receive their ‘first pay cheque’! Apart from shopping, giving parties to friends & family, many of us look for buying own house or getting a bigger one, buying own car &