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Impersonation Alert finance planner-beware of imposter-banner (1)

It has recently come to our attention that some unknown person (imposter) has created and used a fake profile on WahtsApp impersonating Priyadarshini Mulye (myself) by misusing my photo. The person is using my photo on three different WahtsApp numbers without my consent.

The said imposter is misusing the profile picture, visibility in the media and public recognition of Priyadarshini Mulye to mislead and scam the public through share market trading tips unlawfully.  However, we disclaim all warranties & conditions.

As abundant caution, we hereby alert you, about such impersonation and request you to be careful while engaging, ensuring you are transacting with the real-us! For which reason, please ensure you are engaging with us in-person or online and ONLY on our ‘official communication channels’.

Though cybersecurity incidents and fake profiles (impersonation) are the order of the day, rest assured, we have taken this impersonation incident seriously and taken mitigating steps with the help of our legal & cybersecurity experts along with the law enforcement.

We have taken the following proactive and post-incident measures in order to make the relevant stakeholders aware and support them in the preventive and investigative process:

  •  We have filed a complaint with the
  •  We have informed the regulator, SEBI and its subsidiary BASL, who regulates our investment advisory practice.
  •  We are posting such impersonation alerts on our website and our active social media handles/profiles (Refer our ‘official communication channels’).

Our Official communication channels:

Our official online presence is limited ONLY to the following listed communication channels:

I request you all to be careful, aware and alert in safeguarding self, organization and others, against all possible cyber-incidents, by following secured practices and building a safe digital environment.

Engage with us in-person and ONLY on our ‘official communication channels’.

Issued in public interest:


I, Priyadarshini Mulye shall not be responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liabilities for, damages of any kind arising out of the use of, reference to, or reliance on any information and/or communication on unofficial communication channels.

The general public shall take note that anyone who engages on unofficial communication channels, or any other platform and material promoted by the imposters does so at their own risk.