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  • Everyone has their own purpose behind deploying their money while saving or investing. The main purpose is ‘Returns’! Everyone seeks good returns from their money. For many people, this goes with their life Insurance policy as well! But is it right to seek returns from your own life insurance? Well,
  • We all ‘Plan’ for many things in our daily life. Be it your picnic with friends, or preparation for your project presentation or shopping for a wedding in a family!Planning is ‘integral’ part of our daily life. But, when it comes to your personal finance and investments, people often ignore
  • Many people take personal finance for investments in the products which will give good returns in future, multiply their wealth and if they invest right , they will become rich one day! But, personal finance is not just about investments…. Well, when you build a house, you build a strong
  • Happy Fathers Day! Being a father is a great responsibility! As a dutiful father, you teach your kids how to behave properly and be a good human being. You are their Hero and they follow you always! So, for ‘Money matters’ and ‘personal finance and investments’, set good examples too
  • Two days back ,I got a call from my old friend saying her colleague is persuading her to buy a product siting all its advantages for her and likely returns that she will get. Confused with what decision to take and tempted with the returns her colleague was getting she
  • Whether you are earning or not, Money is a part of everyone’s life! From a homemaker to CEO of any MNC, personal finance and investments are there to manage. While managing your responsibilities, liabilities and creating assets for you, keep your finances simple! Make a list of your short term