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  • Many people take personal finance for investments in the products which will give good returns in future, multiply their wealth and if they invest right , they will become rich one day! But, personal finance is not just about investments…. Well, when you build a house, you build a strong
  • Happy Fathers Day! Being a father is a great responsibility! As a dutiful father, you teach your kids how to behave properly and be a good human being. You are their Hero and they follow you always! So, for ‘Money matters’ and ‘personal finance and investments’, set good examples too
  • Two days back ,I got a call from my old friend saying her colleague is persuading her to buy a product siting all its advantages for her and likely returns that she will get. Confused with what decision to take and tempted with the returns her colleague was getting she
  • Whether you are earning or not, Money is a part of everyone’s life! From a homemaker to CEO of any MNC, personal finance and investments are there to manage. While managing your responsibilities, liabilities and creating assets for you, keep your finances simple! Make a list of your short term